Emotionally focused therapy is a short-term, structured approach to couples therapy developed in the 1980’s by Dr. Sue Johnson. We use EFT for one reason: because it works.

Everything an EFT therapist does rests on a systematic, empirically validated theory of adult bonding. And the results are impressive.

Studies show that 95% of couples treated with EFT improve significantly and 70-75% recover completely. The effect sizes shown in EFT are greater than any other modality of couples therapy.

What can you expect to experience in couples therapy with one of our therapists?

Your safety is important to us. We don’t take sides. Most couples enter therapy trapped in a cycle of disconnection that is painful for both partners. Often the same basic interaction pattern is playing out repeatedly, like being stuck in a dance. Our work is to change the music to that dance.

We will go to the roots of the problem to achieve lasting change. Unlike other modalities of couples therapy that focus on learning communication skills, we will be diving beneath the surface to explore what is really happening at the level of your emotional bond. When we work at this level and the music changes, things begin to feel safer. In my experience, people think, talk, and behave differently when they feel safer (whether they’ve been taught communication skills or not).

We’ll bring enough hope to carry you when we start. We believe in this process and we’ve seen it work. If you are feeling desperate, or hopeless, know that you are not alone. Also know that you will arrive at your first session with a secret weapon–your DNA. Recent neuroscience advances clearly show that human beings are wired for connection. This wiring will support us as we work together to rebuild a secure and loving relationship.

What does it mean that Luana and Sean are “certified” as EFT Couples Therapists and Supervisors?

The EFT certification process is somewhat rigorous and is designed to ensure mastery of the skills necessary to provide couples therapy in accordance with a model that has been thoroughly researched and found effective.

Therapist Certification involves

Supervisor Certification involves